Core Values

Exceptional customer service is always intentional. In order to ensure all our client’s experiences are in line with our values we are committed to the upholding the following values:


In order to be efficient, our first line of service is to truly understand our clients, their needs, their concerns and their degree of understanding regarding accounting principles. This enables us to coordinate the best plan of action for our team to serve every client efficiently.


We strive to provide answers in real time, according to your time. When you call with an accounting problem, we answer with an accounting solution. Everyone on our team understands this concept and is knowledgeable and capable of answering complex questions with basic language. By doing so our entire staff is able to properly communicate with our diverse clientele on multiple levels.


We view professionalism as being confidential, well versed, highly skilled, and in alignment with accounting best practices.


We maintain a high code of ethics in accounting practices and work within the perimeters established by the City, State and Federal Government. We make our duty of protecting our clients and their assets a top priority.


Transparency is held with high esteem in our office. We are open and honest with one another and more importantly with our clients. Our clients can trust that we mean what we say and say what we mean.

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Tax Service

LTH Accounting Services provides tax preparation as one of our top services. We cater to the preparation and filing of federal and state taxes for small businesses and individuals.

Our clients can expect year-round support and excellent tax services specific to their situation. The entire team strives hard to provide professional, efficient, compliant and timely services.

If you wish to discuss our tax or accounting services, please feel free to visit our office or contact us at 410-823-4914 for inquiries.

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